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Printing & Embroidery

Printing & Embroidery

We offer top quality embroidery and printing service in Qatar. As part of the production, we had to professional in t-shirt printing. We use high-quality Screen Printing (for large volume) or Transfer Printing (if applicable) to achieve the best results for any design or logo of a custom made a t-shirt. For over 20 years of experiences, and from a small manual operated a machine to advanced automatic printing machines, we manage to produce up to 4,000 T-shirts daily!

Whether you require a simple one color t-shirt printing or multiple full colors print, we can do it all. Just send in your artwork and call us to discuss which would be best for you.

The embroidery process is achieved by “digitized” your logo/design to machines understanding format. These files retain information such as object outlines, embroidery thread colors, original artwork used to stitch the designs. Once this is complete, it will then loaded to the embroidery machines to start stitching.

Embroidery prices are based on the number of embroidery stitches you want to use on your garment.

Generally, all embroidered using polyester embroidery thread due to its vibrant, rich colors and luxurious finish. Polyester threads are also resistant to chlorine bleach which ensures long-term wear and lasting color.

We have numerous of thread’s color for you to choosing and the colors can be matched to the Pantone Matching System® to ensure a great match with existing logos.